Cationic polyacrylamide (CPAM)

Cationic Polyacrylamide (CPAM) is an efficient water treatment agent with strong flocculation, purification, and dewatering properties. It is widely used in wastewater treatment, papermaking, mineral processing, and textile dyeing industries. CPAM offers excellent performance, low treatment costs, high stability, and is environmentally friendly.


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Product Name: Cationic Polyacrylamide Product Introduction: Cationic polyacrylamide is a highly efficient water treatment agent with excellent purification, flocculation, and dewatering properties. It is widely used in wastewater treatment, papermaking, mineral processing, textile dyeing, and finishing industries. This product is made using advanced production processes, featuring high molecular weight, excellent flocculation effects, and low treatment costs. Product Features:
  1. Outstanding flocculation effects: Cationic polyacrylamide effectively adsorbs and neutralizes negatively charged substances such as suspended particles, organic matter, and microorganisms in water, forming flocs to improve purification effects.
  2. Excellent dewatering performance: The flocs formed after flocculation are easy to settle, promoting rapid separation and dewatering of solid substances in water.
  3. Low cost: Cationic polyacrylamide has a high molecular weight, which means lower dosages are needed to achieve good treatment results, reducing overall treatment costs.
  4. High stability: This product maintains good stability under a wide range of pH values and temperatures.
  5. Environmentally friendly and safe: The product is non-toxic, harmless, and pollution-free, making it eco-friendly.
Application Fields:
  1. Wastewater treatment: Suitable for municipal wastewater, industrial wastewater, chemical wastewater, and oilfield wastewater treatment.
  2. Papermaking: Can be used as a paper surface treatment agent to improve water resistance and anti-pollution properties.
  3. Mineral processing: Used in processes such as slurry concentration, flocculation sedimentation, and dewatering.
  4. Textile dyeing and finishing: Can be used as an auxiliary agent to enhance dyeing uniformity, antistatic properties, and wrinkle resistance of textiles.
Usage Methods and Precautions:
  1. Dilute cationic polyacrylamide with water according to the recommended ratio before use, adjusting the dosage according to actual treatment requirements.
  2. Avoid mixing with other types of purification agents during use, as it may affect the purification effect.
  3. Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  4. This product is a chemical, do not ingest. In case of accidental contact with eyes or skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
Our Company: We are committed to providing customers with high-quality cationic polyacrylamide products and professional technical support. We have a strict quality control system to ensure product quality and stability. Meanwhile, our R&D team continuously develops new environmentally friendly water treatment materials to meet the ever-changing market demands.

White powder particles

Molecular weight

3-12 million

Hydrolysis degree


Solid content


Dissolution time

≤1.5 hours

Residual monomer


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