Non-ionic Polyacrylamide

Non-ionic polyacrylamide is a highly effective water treatment agent praised for its excellent flocculation, purification, and dewatering performance. It is widely used in sewage treatment, papermaking, mineral processing, and other industries. Non-ionic polyacrylamide provides efficient treatment solutions, while also having low cost, good stability, and environmental friendliness.


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Product Name: Non-ionic Polyacrylamide Product Overview: Non-ionic polyacrylamide is an efficient water treatment agent, praised for its excellent flocculation, purification, and dewatering performance. This product has a wide range of applications in industries such as wastewater treatment, papermaking, mineral processing, and others. Non-ionic polyacrylamide can provide efficient treatment solutions while having low cost, good stability, and environmental friendliness. Product Advantages:
  1. Unique flocculation characteristics: Non-ionic polyacrylamide can effectively bind with suspended particles and organic matter in water, forming flocs to improve water quality.
  2. Wide applicability: Non-ionic polyacrylamide performs well under various water quality conditions, enhancing the adaptability of water treatment.
  3. Outstanding dewatering performance: Non-ionic polyacrylamide helps with the quick separation and dewatering of solid substances in water, thereby improving treatment efficiency.
  4. Economical and efficient: Due to its high molecular weight, non-ionic polyacrylamide requires a lower dosage in practical applications, reducing overall costs.
  5. Environmentally friendly: Non-ionic polyacrylamide is harmless to the environment, meeting current environmental protection requirements.
Application Scope:
  1. Wastewater treatment: Non-ionic polyacrylamide can be used to treat municipal wastewater, industrial wastewater, and other types of wastewater.
  2. Papermaking: Non-ionic polyacrylamide can serve as a papermaking additive, improving the water resistance and anti-pollution properties of paper.
  3. Mineral processing: Non-ionic polyacrylamide plays an important role in processes such as mineral slurry concentration, flocculation sedimentation, and dewatering.
  4. Other industries: Non-ionic polyacrylamide also has a wide range of applications in water treatment for textiles, oilfields, metallurgy, and other fields.
Instructions for use and precautions: Before use, non-ionic polyacrylamide should be diluted with water according to the recommended ratio, and the dosage should be adjusted according to actual treatment needs. During use, avoid mixing with other types of purifiers to prevent the impact on treatment effectiveness. Storage conditions: Please store the product in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, to maintain product performance stability. Safety precautions: This product is a chemical, do not ingest. If accidentally in contact with eyes or skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

White particles

Molecular weight

3-15 million



Water insoluble matter


Grain size


Dissolution time

≦1.5 hours

Residual monomer


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