Polyaluminum chloride (PAC)

Polyaluminum chloride (PAC) is a highly efficient water treatment coagulant with strong coagulation, flocculation, and clarification properties. It is widely used in wastewater treatment, drinking water purification, and industrial processes. PAC is characterized by its rapid action, cost-effectiveness, low dosage requirements, and eco-friendliness.

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Product Overview: Polyaluminum chloride, commonly known as PAC, is an inorganic, water-soluble, high-molecular-weight polymer that falls between ALCL3 and AL(OH)3. Its chemical formula is [AL2(OH)NCL6-NLm], where m represents the degree of polymerization and n represents the neutralization degree of the PAC product. It is a yellow or light yellow, dark brown, or dark gray resinous solid with strong bridging and adsorption properties, and undergoes physical and chemical processes such as hydrolysis, coagulation, adsorption, and precipitation. The fundamental difference between polyaluminum chloride and traditional inorganic coagulants lies in the fact that traditional inorganic coagulants are low-molecular-weight crystalline salts, while polyaluminum chloride is composed of various poly-carboxylic acid complexes with a variable morphology. It has a fast flocculation and sedimentation rate, a wide pH range, and does not corrode pipeline equipment. It effectively removes color, SS, COD, BOD, as well as heavy metal ions such as arsenic and mercury from water, and is widely used in the fields of drinking water, industrial water, and wastewater treatment. Product Features:
  1. High efficiency: Polyaluminum chloride can quickly coagulate and settle various suspended solids, colloids, and organic matter in water, with significant purification effects on water quality.
  2. Low dosage: Poly aluminum chloride requires a small amount of dosage to achieve a good treatment effect, and it is not prone to secondary pollution.
  3. Stability: Polyaluminum chloride has good stability and can work stably under a wide range of water conditions.
  4. Wide applicability: Polyaluminum chloride is applicable to various treatment processes such as precipitation, filtration, and ion exchange.
  5. Safe and environmentally friendly: Polyaluminum chloride does not contain any toxic or harmful substances and is harmless to the environment and human body.
Application areas:
  1. Tap water treatment: It can be used for the purification and deep treatment of tap water, removing turbidity, organic matter, and microorganisms.
  2. Industrial water treatment: It can be used for the solid-liquid separation, precipitation, filtration, and removal of suspended solids, colloids, and heavy metal ions in industrial wastewater.
  3. Pulp and papermaking: It can be used for deinking, improving whiteness, and separating suspended solids in the pulp and papermaking industry.
  4. Mining, coal and other industries: It can be used for wastewater treatment and the removal of heavy metal ions in industries such as mining and coal.
Usage instructions: Our polyaluminum chloride product is easy to use and can be used according to different application areas and processing methods. Generally, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions or the advice of a professional to ensure the best results. For water treatment, we recommend adding polayluminum chloride to the water and then mixing it. The recommended dosage is usually 5-40 mg/L, depending on the actual situation and processing technology. For pulp and papermaking, the recommended dosage is usually 0.5-5 kg/t (based on the weight of pulp), which can effectively remove pigments, suspended solids, and organic matter, and improve whiteness and gloss. For industries such as mining and coal, the recommended dosage is usually 10-100 mg/L, which can remove suspended solids, colloids, and heavy metal ions in wastewater. In summary, our polayluminum chloride product is an efficient, stable, and safe water treatment agent that can be widely used in tap water, industrial water, pulp and papermaking, mining, and other industries. Our product is of high quality and reasonably priced. We welcome new and old customers to inquire and order!

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